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solo shows

"Outscapes", Wilde Art Gallery, Wendy, nr Royston, Herts: Sept 2002.
"Blue Edge City", Brent Artists' Register, at the Library Centre, Willesden, Feb-March 2004.
"Hinterlands", Loughton Library, October-November 2005
"Edgescapes", Loughton Arts Centre, November 2012.
"From London to Nowhere: a Journey", Loughton Arts Centre, November 2014.
"Town Lands", Stone Space, Leytonstone, May-June 2015

group shows

"The Unmapped Edge", with Alison Chaplin and Rob Lovell, The Gallery, 54 Shepherd market, London W1, August-Sept 2010
"Uncertain Ground", with Alison Chaplin and Rob Lovell, Artefact Gallery, Windmill Street, London W1, April 2012

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