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Representing is magic. Mere marks on canvas or paper become something more, and can point to huge elsewheres of skies, nights, cities. When you look, you can go to those elsewheres, or you can come right back to the marks themselves - shapes, colours, brush-strokes. I want to use the magic to show what's out there, not to make judgements about it: but if a subjective element creeps in, so be it.


My work is mostly oil paint on board or canvas, using techniques now centuries old - but the vision is of the spaces where we live, now. I'm interested in the places we live in but don't see - shopping malls, parades, junctions, dead spaces around urban highways. These are places we visit but are steering somewhere else, unable to surrender to the overload of really seeing. So we veil all in a cloak of familiarity, losing touch with our reflections - the dreaminess, loneliness or ecstasy which lurks out there. I want to give these spaces back their strangeness - their beauty, triviality, transience, indirection, chaos, ugliness.


If you are interested in buying a painting, please first remove the three anti-robot x's from the email address. Contact adrian at eckersleyxxxadrian@gmail.com