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2020 AGM and Dinner

New publication for members: Arthur Machen's Occult Catalogues

New publication: An Arthur Machen Gazetteer


2020 AGM and Dinner

Next Year's FoAM Annual General Meeting and Dinner to be held at The Grange Hotel, York on 7th March. The AGM will commence at 3pm, the Dinner at 7.30pm. Further details to be announced: watch this space!


New Title for Members: Arthur Machen's Occult Catalogues

Tartarus Press has produced for the Friends a new hardback book, Arthur Machen's Occult Catalogues, edited by R.A. Gilbert. Existing members should be receiving a copy shortly, with the pending mailing of Faunus. If you'd like a copy but are not a member, now might be a good time to join: the offer of a copy to new members stands until the end of 2019.

In June 1885 Arthur Machen was invited by George Redway, publisher and bookseller, to compile a catalogue. Machen explained that Redway "was also a second-hand book-seller. He had a mass of odd literature stored in a garret in Catherine Street, and on these volumes I was let loose". Machen judged this "as odd a library as any man could desire to see. Occultism in one sense or another was the subject of most of the books". This catalogue, The Literature of Occultism and Archaeology, is reprinted in full, along with a later Frederick Hockley catalogue of 1887.

Later, Machen began to sell books on his own account. With his friend Harry Spurr he created a business under the name of "Thomas Marvell" and produced Thesaurus Incantatus, "a remarkable combination of magico-alchemical fable and very select catalogue of alchemical books". This catalogue, also reprinted in this volume, was published in December 1888, but was not a great success; thus Machen's career as a cataloguer and bookseller came to an end.


An Arthur Machen Gazetteer

Tartarus Press is pleased to announce publication of Occult Territory: An Arthur Machen Gazetteer. This 272 page limited edition hardback book contains over 160 entries for those places in which Arthur Machen lived, worked, wrote, ate, drank and worshipped. It is also a guide to sites that influenced his life and his work. It is illustrated, often with contemporary photographs, and includes quotes from Machen, and those that knew him.