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Background to The Friends

The Friends of Arthur Machen grew out of the remains of the British Arthur Machen Society, originally formed in the 1980s. The Friends of Arthur Machen undertakes regular publications, available to all members, has a written constitution, and holds regular meetings which all members may attend if they so wish. Details of elected and appointed committee members can be found here.

Aims and Objectives of The Friends

* To encourage a wider recognition for Machen's work.

* To foster familiarity with Machen's work, both through 'in house' publication and through acting as a point of information about matters such as the availability of texts and critical work.

* To provide a focus for critical debate.

* To enhance the social lives of members.


Faunus, the literary journal of The Friends, has appeared twice yearly since the inauguration. Contents regularly include both articles of interest to admirers of Machen and examples of his work, often articles and pieces not easily available elsewhere. Machenalia, our newsletter, also appears twice yearly. It is more informal, less literary in tone and style, dealing with items of topical interest, about Machen, and about The Friends.


Joining The Friends

We are seeking new members, both in the UK, in the United States, and in the wider world. If you have questions, about The Friends or about Machen himself, you can email the Committee.

If you'd like to join the Friends, online, right now, using Paypal, just click here.

You can also join without using the internet, by sending a cheque, money order, or even cash, by post. UK membership is £19 per annum for an individual, while joint membership can be had for £21 per annum. Citizens of the EU can become members for £23 per annum. Overseas membership is £23UK or $36US, or any currency equivalent to either of these. We accept cheques or IMOs in dollars or sterling.

NB please make cheques payable to FRIENDS OF ARTHUR MACHEN. Address to Mark Valentine, Stable Cottage, Priest Bank Road, Kildwick, Keighley, BD20 9BH.


"Caermaen" Newsgroup

The "Caermaen" Newsgroup gives you the opportunity to discuss ongoing issues and enthusiasms with (we hope) like-minded people. This will not overwhelm your system, as it amounts to only a handful of emails a day, and not every day at that. If you'd like to join up, fill in your email address in the form below: an acknowledgement (and some chat) will follow. If you have a difficult Machen question to resolve come ask it here. Although the list is mainly devoted to Machen, discussion of other related topics of interest to Machenophiles will also be welcome. These obviously include weird, decadent and gothic writings in general, the fin-de-siecle, Arthuriana, Forteana, the Occult, psychogeography, mystical musings on the nature of reality, and of course consideration of the true nature of taverns.

"Thin and strange, mingled together, the voices came up to him on the hill; it was as if an outland race inhabited the ruined city and talked in a strange language of strange and terrible things."


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The Friends of Arthur Machen is funded mainly by membership subscriptions. However, members also send in donations, which are very important to us. Donations help to guarantee the Friends' financial security, produce extra publications and pay for contributions to occasional events where Machen is featured.

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